Malaysian ministers to have 2 months pay cut to help people affected by COVID-19

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PUTRAJAYA MAR 26: All the Malaysian Cabinet Ministers including the PrimeMinister, Ministers and Deputy Ministers today have agreed to take two-month cut in their salaries to contribute to COVID-19 Fund and help the people who have been badly affected by the pandemic. 

“This action is a proof of the government’s seriousness to assist those affected due to COVID-19 outbreak,” said a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office today. 

As of  yesterday (Mar.25) Malaysia has collected a sum of more than RM8, 493,103.48 through Covid-19 Fund which was launched in March 11.

Malaysia Prime Minister Myhyiddin Yassin said “he is willing to take a two-month pay cut” and donated to the country’s COVID-19 fund.

Malaysia government is doing all it can to help its people in this time of difficulties.

While Malaysia has imposed strict movement control order to contain coronavirus, it has promised to provide food and all essentials to poor people and to students who stay in hostels across Malaysia, give monthly financial assistance to those workers who had to take upaid leave or laid off from their jobs due to covid-19 economic disruption, as well as helping all those affected. 

–Malaysia World News

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