PETALING JAYA: The producer of the Timah whisky, Winepak is finally considering to change the controversial brand name which caused a roar in Malaysia for many weeks now since the brand name was introduced to the market here.

Domestic trade and consumer affairs minister Alexander Nanta Linggi said today that Winepak has agreed to discuss a “change of name and image” with shareholders and its board of directors.

The Malay name Timah which sounded like the name of a Malay woman, as almost of Malay women have their names end with “ah” or sounded like a shortened version of the Arabic name Fatimah, has offended many Malaysians, especially the Muslim Malays.

Others said the image on the alcoholic bottle also looks like a person wearing a “kopiah” or a Muslim skullcap.

The manufacturer explained that “Timah” is the Malay word for tin, and the man featured on the label is Tristam Speedy, an explorer and introducer of the whisky culture to Malaysia.

The picture of the man with long beard and hat and the name Timah were interpreted by the PAS as an attempt to deliberately “confuse” muslims.