Malaysian govt allocates RM250 billion to help the people overcome COVID-19 effects

muhyiddin yassin

PUTRAJAYA MAR 27:-  Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin today unveiled a `RM250 billion Caring Economic Stimulus Package (PRIHATIN), following COVID-19 that has affected the social, economic and well-being of the Malaysians since its outbreak in January 2020.

Muhyiddin said, PRIHATIN covers all Malaysians across the board that includes the farmers, fishermen, small businesses, chalet owners, trishaw pullers petty sellers in the market and “no one will be left behind”.

“I understand this “disaster” has affected the source of income for majority of the people and as such the government has provided RM10 billion via the Caring National Aid (CNA) to be channelled to the M40 category.

“M40 category includes workers in the private sectors, FELDA settlers, farmers, fishermen, small businesses, and others. The Aid will be “one -off” cash payment to the qualified recipients,” he said in a special deliberation on PRIHATIN here today.

The Caring National Aid payment will be made to:

-Payment of RM1, 600 to almost 4 million households with monthly income of RM4, 000 and below. The payment of RM1, 000 will be paid in April and RM600 in May 2020.

-Payment of RM1, 000 will be made in April while RM500 will be paid in May to almost 1.1 million households with monthly income of more than RM4, 000 up to RM8, 000.

-Payment of RM800 to 3 million individuals who are single aged 21 and above with monthly income RM2, 000 and below. The payment of RM500 will be paid in April and RM300 in May 2020.

-Payment of RM500 to 400,000 individuals who are single aged 21 and above with monthly income of more than RM2, 000 up to RM4, 000. The payment of RM250 will be made in April and RM250 in May 2020.

 For the students in the institute of higher learning, Muhyiddn said, RM270 million has been allocated and a one-off cash payment of RM200 will be made in May 2020. The students include those from community colleges, matriculation , polytechnics, public and private universities.

The welfare of 1.5 million civil servants will also be taken care of by the government. As a show of appreciation to their tireless effort, a one-off cash payment of RM500 will be given in April to the staff of Grade 56 and below including workers on contract basis.

Meanwhile 850,000 government retirees are not exempted for they will receive one-off cash payment of RM500 in April 2020.

Muhyiddin said, the government also introduces the Salary Subsidy Programme (SSP) to help employers retain their workers. Through this programme, the government provides payment of RM600 per month for three months for workers with salary below RM4, 000 and this is for the employers losing more than 50% income since January 1, 2020.

“This programme is to ensure no employers will lay-off their workers or force them to take unpaid leave for three months after this programme is being introduced. Employers are not permitted to cut the workers’ salary” said Muhyiddin.

This initiative Muhyiddin said, will benefit 3.3 million workers with the allocation of RM5.9 million.

Meanwhile for 120,000 e-hailing drivers (e,g Grab) whose income have been affected due to COVID-19 outbreak, the government has granted an allocation of RM60 million.

Each driver will receive one-off cash payment of RM500 effective April 2020 meanwhile in the first Economic Stimulus Package the government has announced the payment of RM600 one-off cash payment to taxi drivers starting April 2020.

The telecommunication and multimedia industries have also provided several packages benefitting the customers with the cooperation of telecommunication companies. Among the special package offered is free internet service valued at RM600 million starting April 1, 2020 effective within the period of the Movement Control Order that has been enforced from March 18 until April 14, 2020.- Malaysia World News.


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