Malaysian government launches new Code of Ethics for Journalists 

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KUALA LUMPUR: In order to improve the integrity of the media profession as reliable sources of news and information, the Malaysian government has introduced a new Code of Ethics for Journalists. This code will act as guidelines for media agencies.

The Information Department in a statement said: “The code of ethics for Malaysian Journalists has been adjusted in line with the media industry evolution and now becomes the guide for holders of the Media Accreditation Card (KPM) Department of Information (JaPen) to carry out their work in supporting the formation of a well informed society.”

The Malaysian Journalism Ethics was formulated by the Malaysian Press Institute (MPI) in 1989 and became the main reference of JaPen for the management of KPM.

The new Malaysian Code of Ethics for Journalists consists of eight ethics:

1- Journalist is responsible to be the voice of a plural society.

2-Journalist should be transparent and with integrity.

3- Journalist is encouraged to be fair in disseminating information.

4- News report not influenced by self-interest.

5- Validity and accuracy of information.

6- Journalist should respect the privacy and secrecy of sources.

7- Journalist should understand the law, act and related policy within the scope of their work

8- Journalist should give priority to continuously upgrading their journalism skills.

The Malaysian Code of Ethics for Journalists that was launched by Minister of Communications Fahmi Fadzil had also others involved in the preparatory stage including the Faculty of Communications, University Science Malaysia (USM) and Media Study and Communication Centre, National University Malaysia (UKM).

Present at the event were Chief Secretary, Ministry of Communications, Datuk Mohamad Fauzi Md Isa and Information Director Genera,l Datuk Mohd Sukari Ab Hamid.

On another development, the Gerakan Media Merdeka (Geramm) in a statement said, “it is not within the government’s purview to decide on a code of ethics for journalists.”

“While journalists in Malaysia must adhere to a universal code of ethics, such regulations should be formulated and overseen by the media industry itself rather than being controlled by government entities.

“Ensuring media freedom is crucial for maintaining democracy and fostering an informed society. When the media is free from government interference, it serves as a watchdog, exposing those in power and providing citizens with diverse viewpoints.

“However when government intervene whether through censorship, financial control or other means, it undermines this vital role leading to biased coverage, suppression of dissenting opinions and erosion of trust.

“Therefore safeguarding media independence is essential for preserving freedom of expression, promoting transparency and upholding a healthy democracy,” the statement added as quoted by NST. – Malaysia World News




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