Malaysian food ranked lower than Singaporean food in the global survey

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Malaysian cuisine has been ranked low in a recent global survey conducted by the international market research agency. About 25,000 people in 24 countries were asked to rank 34 national cuisines that they had tried.

In that survey, Italian cuisine emerged the most popular with 84% approval rating, followed by Chinese 78% and Japanese with 71%.

However, Malaysian cuisine had only 48% approval rating. The least popular was Peruvian food that received 32%.

Thailand was ranked 4th on the list while Vietnam placed 14th with Singapore and Indonesia ranking 18th and 19th respectively, according to the Star.

Chef Wan (pic) said, Malaysian food does not rank high among visitors in the latest survey could be due to not enough promotion and exposure of Malaysian cuisines to the world.

He told that to a local radio channel this morning (Friday) when asked what he thinks the reason that affects the results of Malaysia’s food ranking.

 According to him, the survey result might not be accurate because we do not know who have been interviewed and whether these people are experts in food or not.

“I don’t really know who these people are that they (survey) interviewed, whether they have travelled the whole world and are they really food connoisseurs.

“They should ask people who travelled the world, for a clear picture,” said the country’s popular celebrity chef, whose real name is Datuk Redzuawan Ismail.

For him, Singaporean cuisine was ranked higher than Malaysia because it promoted its food far better than Malaysia did.

“Singapore promotes its tourism and food very well than Malaysia does,” he added.

To bring up our food ranking, Chef Wan thinks “we need to have more exposure of our food”, adding we have to feature “all good Malaysian cuisines to the world.” –Malaysia World News


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