Malaysian Family celebrates 65th Independence Day with the spirit to defend the country’s sovereignty – PM Ismail

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KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysians celebrate their 65th Independence Day on 31st August 2022 with the spirit of Malaysian Family-Strong Together.

Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said, Alhamdulillah this year the Malaysian Family is able to celebrate the Independence Day in a great way as a harmonious and prosperous community.

“The blessings and the fruits of independence we enjoy today are the results of the struggle through blood, energy and tears. Many lives had been lost and properties destroyed in the struggle to achieve independence.

“Many heroes had lost their lives in defending their beloved country while fighting against the Portuguese, Dutch, English and the Japanese. Names such as Mat Kilau, Datuk Dol Said, Tok Janggut, Datuk Bahaman, Tok Gajah, Rentap, Datuk Maharajalela, Dato’ Sagor, Haji Abdul Rahman Limbong, Datu Mat Salleh, Rosli Dhobi were among the leaders who had died while struggling to defend the country,” Ismail said in his special speech via TV1 in conjunction with the Independence Day celebration on 31st Aug.

Ismail added, Mat Kilau had reminded; the struggle must be continued by the younger generation, do not let the country be mortgaged, and never easily be pressured to the extent of splitting into two.

“If you believe in the religion, do not only rely on the clothes (Syariat) let the body too be clean (hakikat). If learning, do not only get the knowledge but must be strong in its discipline. If practising it, do not only rely on the verses but also know its secrets. These are among the advice from Pahlawan Mat Kilau that could be taken as amulets,” Ismail said.

Ismail added, the spirit and the struggle that existed since long ago had been translated in the Independence Negotiation in 1956 in London city. At the end, the value of the independence had succeeded in building up unity among the Malaysian Family that consists of many ethnic groups, races, religions and national integration in cultures crossing the Peninsula, Sabah and Sarawak.

Ismail added, there is no word to describe the appreciation and the gratefulness of the people for the struggle and sacrifices of the late national heroes including the security personnel, military and the police.

The Prime Minister added, in the modernisation era the type of colonization is not the same as before and as such if the people do not defend the independence that the heroes had fought for, then history might repeat and the country will be colonised again.

“Modern colonisation had surfaced in all the countries in the world affecting the economy, technology and culture. External influences use various sophisticated ways to colonise again. The threats are not in the physical form but very dangerous and could influence the mind, self esteem and hence could destroy the country,” Ismail said.

“It is only when everybody loves the country that enables us to continue cooperating and united in defending the values of togetherness, peacefulness and independence to develop and protect our sovereignty.

“The custom of a family is to defend the relatives; custom of living in a village is to take care of the village, the custom for races is unity of races should be the priority. Anyway we are all in a family, Malaysian Family is the connector for inherited legacy,” Ismail reiterated. –Malaysia World News



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