Malaysia urges Russia, Ukraine to end conflict immediately

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PUTRAJAYA FEB 24: The government of Malaysia expresses its sadness for what is happening in Ukraine and subsequently gives priority in ensuring that the Malaysian Family is safe in that country.

Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said, the Malaysian Embassy in Kiev is making efforts to give protection and provides a safe place for the Malaysians before they return to Malaysia.

“Twenty-three citizens have registered with the Malaysian Embassy and out of which 12 have returned to Malaysia while 11 are still in Ukraine.

“Malaysia hopes that the best peaceful resolution could be reached immediately between Ukraine and Russia and that the conflict could be solved successfully,” Ismail said in Twitter today.

Prime Minister said that in response to Russian President Vladimir Putin who declared war and announced that Russia was launching a military attack on Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin said that on a television broadcast on Thursday around 6 am Moscow time.

Meanwhile the President of the People’s Justice Party (PKR), Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said he stands with the international community in condemning the Russian aggression on the sovereign nation of Ukraine.

Anwar said, a military conflict at this time brings no benefit to anyone.

“This military action will lead to tragic loss of innocent life, regional instability and further disruption of the global economy that suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“One cannot march into another country, armed to the hilt and ask for peace. This is not how rules based international relations work and cannot be a viable option today or in the future,” Anwar said in a statement here today.

Anwar called for an immediate end to the attacks and a renewed diplomatic effort across all channels and avenues to seek a swift return to peace.

“My prayers are with the people of Ukraine who had to wake up to war and the destruction, fear and pain that follows. Over 50 casualties have been reported and many more are reported missing,” Anwar said. –Malaysia World News

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