Malaysia today is in crisis, says Najib Razak

najib razak 1
 Najib Razak. REUTERS

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak once again took to his Facebook Page to criticize and condemn the current government, Pakatan Harapan, for selling Malaysia`s properties and assets to foreigners at lower price while the national debt is on the rise.

“It’s getting warm. Putrajaya is not safe. Many people are tired and not interested. Malaysia today is in crisis.

“Government debt rose up after PH became government. Many lives are affected and no fortune or job opportunities.

“Look at the stores, in the supermarket, around us. Look at the service sector. Food. Retail.Try to ask friends. Can’t be denied. It`s just as if our economy has stopped.

“The houses for sale are getting out of the ability. But Putrajaya doesn’t care.

“They are not interested in helping the people by asking the people not to depend on the government. Instead they are friendly with big “tauke” and “crony.”

The assets and wealth of the country, which BN had made, are now on sale one by one. The houses on Malaysia’s earth are now sold easily to foreigners. If it’s finished, swallowed, swallowed by by crony and foreigners, what is there for Malaysian children in the future? Former Prime Minister Najib Razak wrote on his Facebook page today.

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