Malaysia to open embassy for Palestinians in Jordan, says Prime Minister Dr M

dr mahathir open embassy in palastine

BAKU: Malaysia will open an embassy for the Palestinians in Jordan, announced  Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today at the 18th Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) summit which was attended by leaders and representatives from 120 member countries.

 The embassy will be set up in Jordan as Israel won`t allow Malaysia to open it in Palestine, the Prime Minister said.

“We know that Israel will not allow Malaysia to open an embassy in the Occupied Territory. As such, we will open the embassy in Jordan,” he said at the 18th NAM summit here today.

 Although he knows that Israel might find a way to ensure no aid reaches Palestine, Dr Mahathir insists that setting up an embassy in Jordan ( neighboring country to Palestine) would facilitate giving aids to the Palestinians.

“Palestine remains occupied by a brutal regime.

“This regime continues to expand illegal settlements on land that rightfully belongs to the Palestinians,” he said, adding that “the International Community is doing nothing” and is unable to take action despite Israel continuing to “choke the life” out of Palestine and the Palestinians.



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