Malaysia, the third country in the world using VIRTSIM in military training

virtual reality
The trainees using special guns following the virtual image and acting according to the situation shown on the computer screen

GEMAS –  Soldiers undergoing training for the battle will not be injured or immobilised  via implementing the  Virtual Training Simulator (VIRTSIM) concept that  Malaysian Army introduced  two months ago.

 With this new concept, soldiers will not be injured due to wrongful actions or incompetency in any military training.    

Chief of Malaysian Army, General Datuk Seri Zulkiple Kassim said, Malaysia is the third country in the world using VIRTSIM in military training besides the United States and United Arab Emirates.

He said, using this approach, a group of 12 persons can be trained using virtual image action and real tactical strategies without endangering themselves with movements made as if in a real situation.

“This concept instils effective team work and increases the skill and the competency of an individual to use a weapon,” Zulkiple said to the media after launching the system at the Virtual Simulator Centre here recently.

virtual reality bn
Zulkiple is testing the special weapon used in the VIRTSIM concept in military training.

Zulkiple added, using virtual reality approach in military training is the trend today as it saves cost and space. It is equipped with scenarios like villages, buildings, crowded areas and deserts according to the plan made for the military training.

He also mentioned, the system can be reset many times using the same tactical situation to increase skill and competency of trainees. These will definitely safe costs in the long term.

Compared to the training done outside, Zulkiple added, demonstrations using live bullets will be very costly. This concept will enable soldiers to interact more with the team members and gain more competency.

“Before attending any training session abroad, every soldier will have to undergo the virtual training as an exposure to various situations,” he said.

Meanwhile, Director of Army War Game Centre, Colonel Abdul Razak Hussain said, 48 different scenarios are available and tailored made according to the plans made by the team undergoing the virtual training.

virtaul reality 12
Colonel Abdul Razak Hussain

According to him, the team will have to follow the movements as shown in the immersive virtual and they wear special uniforms that are sensitive to the situation.

He said, the special gadgets on the uniforms worn by the trainees will respond like electric shots whenever gun shots hit on them.

Abdul Razak added, the computer will capture whatever actions taken by a trainee during the training session and will be played back to study the mistakes made. This will enable a trainee to correct his mistakes, thus upgrade his competency and skill.  –Malaysia World News    

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