Malaysia suspends the import of cows and buffalos from Thailand 

thailand cows import

PUTRAJAYA JUNE 8: Malaysia has decided to immediately suspend the import of cows and buffalos from Thailand due to the Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD) that has been transmitted to 41 provinces in the country.

The Department of Veterinary Services in its statement said, for the interest of the national ruminant farming industry, the decision was made to prevent the risk of the transmission of LSD from Thailand to Malaysia.

“The Department of Veterinary Services urges all the industry players (importers, wholesalers and breeders) to cooperate by cancelling the order (if made) with the supplier of the cows and buffalos in Thailand,” said the statement here today.

The statement added, for prevention and control measures the industry players are advised to report immediately to the state and district veterinary authorities if there is any cow or buffalo at the farms/sheds that shows the symptoms of LSD.

According to the statement, even though LSD is not zoonotic (not infectious to human being) but it will affect the economy of the ruminant farming industry,  incur losses due to the drop in body weight and decrease in milk production, miscarriage and infertility on the infected animals.

 “As an effort to eradicate the probabilities of smuggling cows and buffalos from Thailand, the Department of Veterinary Services has the cooperation from the Malaysian Border Control Agency (AKSEM) to increase the monitoring activities along the Malaysia-Thailand border.

“The cooperation of the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (KASTAM) and Quarantine service and audit position of Malaysia (MAQIS) to increase the checking at the national entry points are vital to stop the cows and buffalos from Thailand from entering the country,” the statement said.-Malaysia World News


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