Malaysia strengthened halal business by opening a new chapter

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The Malaysian Prime Minister has strengthened Malaysia’s halal business by opening a new chapter and demonstrating the Unity Government’s commitment to making Malaysia a global halal center, said Deputy Prime Minister Zahid Hamidi.

According to him, the Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim urges the industry to adopt unconventional thinking to realize its potential. The government has provided instructions for halal certification application processes to make them quicker.

“The halal business must coordinate activities like development, creation, and marketing. The synergy must be activated by relevant parties before taking over as chairman of the Halal Development Council.

“The nation’s halal business is now stronger thanks to the Prime Minister’s yesterday opening of a new chapter,” said Deputy Prime Minister.

” In order to demonstrate the Unity Government’s commitment to making Malaysia a global centre for halal, I am present today with stakeholders and national halal sector leaders on a platform for the Halal Sector Economic Forum 2023.

“In the limited time we have, I implore everyone involved in the halal industry to break free from the confines of conventional thinking and to even adopt an unconventional mindset in order to fully realise the enormous potential of this sector,” he said in a post on his Facebook today.

Zahid added, “there will inevitably be limitations and flaws, particularly with regard to the certification application process, which I have heard typically takes a lengthy process to be approved.”

As part of the government’s new shift towards empowering this industry, Zahid said, he had personally given the parties in charge of giving halal certification instructions to make it easier for applications to be accepted more promptly. He also believes that the halal business has to empower this synergy stage to coordinate a number of activities, including the development, creation, and marketing of this halal product.

“As soon as possible, MITI MATRADE, JAKIM, the Standard Department, MARA, and other relevant parties must activate this synergy so that it can be finalised before being handed over to me on October 3, 2023, when I will take over as chairman of the Halal Development Council.

“I’ll keep an eye on how well this endeavour goes and how successful it is,” he added.- Malaysia World News

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