Malaysia stopped 8 foreign boats intruded into the Malaysian waters

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KUALA LUMPUR: The Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) ship KD LEKIU once again has demonstrated its courageous act by stopping eight foreign boats (BNA) believed to have intruded into the Malaysian waters to reap illegally the seafood around the Perak Island waters at 1.00pm, Thursday.

RMN in its statement said, the KD LEKIU had proven effective via its actions to ousted two foreign ships (BNA) when their presence was realised and left the national water border. Meanwhile six other boats left the waters after realising the presence of the maritime defence assets.

“The dissemination of fast information through the West Maritime Component Commander (MCC) has moved the nearest asset that is KD LEKIU to the early detection of BNA’s location around southeast Perak Island,” RMN said in its statement.

The statement added, earlier the B200T Aircraft (RMF 364) belonging to the Royal Malaysian Air force (RMAF) had successfully detected eight BNAs that were located about 67 nautical miles southeast of Perak Island.

“The detection information was channelled to the maritime component for further actions. The integrated cooperation with the fast dissemination of information by all the agencies involved would ensure every intruding action would be defeated whether in the sea or the land.

“The Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) will not compromise to any threats involving the safety and sovereignty of the country. RMD together with the other maritime enforcement agencies are consistently committed and ready to protect the national waters all the time,” the statement reiterated. –Malaysia World News


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