Malaysia’ s PM Muhyiddin receives call from Hamas Leader amid Israel-Gaza fighting

hamas and malaysia
Malaysia Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin on Saturday received a phone call from Ismail Haniyya, Chief of the Hamas Political Bureau.
Hamas leader informed Malaysia Prime Minister of the current situation in Palestine, especially in Gaza.
” The conditions of the Muslim community in Palestine, especially the Gaza Peninsula is very sad and heartbreaking.
“I extend my condolences and grief on behalf of all Malaysians for the loss of their lives and injuries suffered by the Palestinians violent attacks of the Israeli regime,” Muhyiddin said in his Facebook today.
Muhyiddin also insisted to stand by the Palestinians in the fight for their rights.
He also expressed Malaysia’s commitment in finding ways to lend help accordingly to help ease the difficulties of Palestinians.
“I also share the concern and initiative that the non-government bodies (NGOs) in Malaysia as well as Malaysians who are now motivated to advocate for humanitarian assistance and have full solidarity on the struggle of Palestinians during this challenging time,” he added.
Hamas leader Ismail Haniyya, Muhyiddin said, really appreciates the concern of Malaysians over the suffering of Palestinians and he thanks Malaysians for the continuous help.

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