Malaysia retained the Universal Postal Union and POC chair for 2022-2025 following the support from 192 member countries

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PUTRAJAYA AUG.27:- Malaysia has successfully retained the Council of Administrative (CA), Universal Postal Union (UPU) chair for the term of 2022- 2025 and won the Postal Operations Council (POC) chair in conjunction with the 27th UPU Congress held from 9th Aug-27th Aug.2021.

The Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia (MCMM) in its statement said the ability of Malaysia to retain the CA chair and POC chair is the reflection of trust and the recognition of 192 member nations towards the leadership of Malaysia in UPU, a body to guarantee the post system is genuinely universal and beneficial to the global community.

“Malaysia is among 41 out of 46 countries lobbying for the CA chair and 48 out of 62 countries for POC chair of UPU to achieve the Developmental Growth Sustainability Agenda 2030 through the World Post Union and the United Nations Union (UN) to build the future sustainability for the global prosperity,” the statement said here today.

The 27th UPU was the first hybrid congress that was participated via physically and virtually by member nations.

The Chief Secretary of MCMM, Datuk Seri Mohammad Mentek who represented Malaysia in his speech at the plenary session on 25th Aug.2021said, Malaysia will be committed in supporting actively the objectives and the goals of UPU and is ready to render services in UPU in the coming term.

Mohammad said, it could be proved through various initiatives introduced by the Malaysian Government via MCMM and its agencies such as the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) that has developed various initiatives under PAKEJ, PUPUK and NESR2.0 to lead the growth of e-Commerce.

The statement added, besides representative from MCMM, the Malaysian delegation was also represented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, MCMC and Pos Malaysia Berhad.

“As a commercial country, micro and small industries, Malaysia will benefit from the growth of cross border e-Commerce in future via global post supply network that is efficient and integrated in line with UPU strategy,” the statement said.

UPU is a specific agency under UN established in 1874 that is responsible for the development and international postal services cooperation with the CA functioning as the main body that makes decision while POC focuses on technical problems and operations. –Malaysia World News

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