Malaysia reopens its international borders, enters endemic phase effective 1st April 2022

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KUALALUMPUR MAR.8: Malaysia will enter into the Endemic Phase and at the same time it will reopen its national borders to international visitors effective 1st April 2022, the Prime Minister announced today.

Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said the decision was made after considering many factors such as doing risk analysis and taking opinions from the Ministry of Health (MOH) and studying the proposals from the Quartet Ministers.

Ismail said, entering into the Endemic Phase is an exit strategy to enable us to return close to our normal lives after two years fighting against COVID-19.

“This Endemic Phase is a temporary phase before the country enters into the Endemic Phase which is tantamount to the announcement that could only be released by the World Health Organization (WHO),”, Ismail said in a press conference here today.

Elaborating on the situation during the Endemic Phase Ismail said, starting 1st April the wearing of mask in public places is still compulsory while the business operating time will depends on the license and terms of the premises’ operations.

“This means all eating places are allowed to operate after 12.00 midnight and during Ramadan the Muslims can have their “sahur” outside. However MySejahtera will still be in use when entering any premises except in open space, not congested and no public gathering. In addition MYSJTrace is still compulsory in enclosed places with full of people.

“The “solat” activities at the surau and mosques and religious activities for non Islam at the worship places are also permitted without physical distancing. However the implementation of the SOP of the surau/mosque will depend on the State Religious Authorities and for the non Islam worship places will depend on the Ministry of Unity/Other Religious Affairs (UNIFOR),” Ismail added.

The Prime Minister also stressed that the capacity limit of workers depending on the vaccination coverage is now abolished.

He added, all individuals are allowed to travel freely to other states regardless of the status of their vaccination. The limitation of 50 per cent in activities involving many people is now scrapped as a whole but the physical distancing is still important and is very much encouraged.

On the opening of the national borders, Prime Minister Ismail said, all Malaysian citizens with valid travel documents can now travel in and out of the country like normal and allowed to travel to countries that have opened their borders for foreign travellers.

“Simultaneously foreigners with valid travelling documents can travel in and out of Malaysia without applying MyTravelPass that will be abolished. Instead they will have to download and activate MySejahtera apps and complete the Pre-Departure Form via the “traveller” function in MySejahtrera,” Ismail said.

He said, for those who have been fully vaccinated, there is no necessity to undergo quarantine period and only have to do the COVID-19 tracing test RT-PCR two days before departure and RTK-Ag (professional) test within 24 hours after arrival.

“For other vaccination status such as medical reasons and did not receive any vaccination, the Minister of Health will announce the detailed procedures tomorrow,” Ismail said. – Malaysia World News

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