Malaysia Prime Minister urges all Malaysians to stay at home to avoid covid-19 infections

muhyiddin yassin

PUTRAJAYA MAR 18: Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin urged all Malaysians to stay at home and protect the family and oneself during the two weeks of the Controlled Movement Order that started today till March 31.

Muhyiddin said he had to ask the people to stay at home because many have chosen to “balik kampung” yesterday that caused traffic jams along the highways and the bus stations were congested.

“Such time is enforced because the incubation life period of COVID-19 is two weeks”, he said in a special deliberation aired on TV1 here this evening.

The Prime Minister added, the symptoms of COVID-19 will appear after two weeks and if a person have the symptom then he will be isolated to get treatment.

He also stressed that if within this two weeks the condition has not improved then the Order might be prolonged to another two weeks or longer.

 “I also urge that weddings have to be postponed to another date when the pandemic situation is over while the “akad nikah” can be held in the house,” he reiterated.

 Muhyiddin added, government has ordered the people to stay at home is to avoid movements that will lead to physical contact with others in schools, offices and in the public places. COVID-19 will spread very fast and easily through personal contacts.

 The Pagoh Member of Parliament (MP) also highlighted that up to date the COVID-19 has reached to 790 cases following 117 cases reported today.

The eight Prime Minister of Malaysia also hopes the “rakyat” will give full support to the government’s move to end the pandemic the soonest possible.- Malaysia World News

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