Malaysia may consider closing schools as coronavirus transmission widens


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PETALING JAYA: The World Health Organization (WHO) today warned of the possibility of a wider transmission of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) outbreak.

WHO regional director for the Western Pacific Dr Takeshi Kasai urged today all countries, including Malaysia, to be prepared.

The situation is becoming critical  with the virus now confirmed in many parts of the world.

“The latest information suggests that the virus may be more transmissible than early data suggested.

“We must be ready in case there is a wider spread. This requires action today be taken in every region.

“In addition, we need to be ready to consider the possibility of closing schools, and mass gatherings to reduce opportunities for the virus to spread,” Kazai said.

Kasai added in the case of wider community transmission, countries would need to ensure health facilities are available. 

He also suggested switching away from medically isolating or quarantining everyone who is infected to encouraging people with mild illness to stay at home to recover.

“Steps must also be taken to ensure health facilities do not become places that amplify the virus’ spread, infecting staff and other patients.

“The best thing we can do is to be prepared.”


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