“Malaysia Madani: Jiwa Merdeka” will be the theme of 2024 National Day, Malaysia Day

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PUTRAJAYA: The theme for the 2024 National Day and Malaysia Day celebrations will be “Malaysia Madani: Jiwa Merdeka” as announced by the Minister of Communications, Fahmi Fadzil here Wednesday.

Fahmi said, the official logo of the Malaysia Madani government will be retained as decided by the Cabinet.

On the theme chosen, Fahmi highlighted that it was in line with the government’s commitment and determination to develop the country and unite the people.

“The theme for the two important celebrations “Malaysia Madani: Jiwa Merdeka” refers to the pillar of the nation’s prosperity and progress through the support of the six core values.

“However the Jiwa Merdeka expresses the people’s freedom from any negative elements in interpreting the patriotic spirit through aspects of thought, social integration and the economy.

“It is not merely putting up the national flag as a symbol of independent and freedom from the colonial power,” he said in his speech at the launch of the theme today.
Meanwhile the Unity Government will launch the National Month Event and “Kibar Jalur Gemilang 2024 on 13th July 2024.

“The significance of the launch is the countdown time towards the 2024 National Day celebration on Aug.31 in Putrajaya. The cheerful momentum and the patriotic spirit will continue to be fostered until the Malaysia Day celebration on September 16 in Sabah,” Fahmi said.

Fahmi added, the Kibar Jalur Gemilang activity will be highlighted via Initiatif 1 Rumah 1 Jalur Gemilang that is classified as the interpretation of the patriotic spirit in oneself and members of the family.

For that, Fahmi invites all Malaysians to decorate their houses with the flag that will be the identity for the whole world.

“Put up the Jalur Gemilang that is not torn, not old and worn out as the flag is the reflection of an individual as a responsible citizen,” he said.

Meanwhile, for further details of all the programmes in conjunction with the 2024 National Day and Malaysia Day, refer to the official website at www.merdeka360.my. – Malaysia World News

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