Malaysia launches security empowerment SIBER programme (SiberKASA) against threats and cyber attacks

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Saifuddin Abdullah at the launching event of the CyberSAFE L.I.V.E Gallery at CyberSecurity Malaysia, Cyberjaya on Monday March 23.

CYBERJAYA MAR.23: CyberSecurity Malaysia, a cyber security technical expert agency under the Ministry of Communication and Multimedia Malaysia today launched the Security Empowerment SIBER programme or SiberKASA.

SiberKASA is an initiative of CyberSecurity Malaysia in its effort to conserve the cyber security field and will continuously offer the product and services to all parties especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic challenges.

CyberSecurity Malaysia in its statement said, this programme is a manifestation to handle threats and cyber attacks that are becoming more complex, dynamic and sophisticated.

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Minister of Communication and Multimedia, Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah said, the fast growth and development of digital technology has brought in a new digital economic era, elevate the living standard of the people and spur the country towards digitalisation and industrial revolution 4.0.

“Subsequently, the cyber security threats will also appear and grow in line with the technology development that threatens the infrastructure and the national security.

“SiberKASA is an initiative to develop, empower, strengthens and conserves the cyber security infrastructure in Malaysia for ensuring the security of the network system and our preparedness in encountering threats and cyber attacks,” said Saifuddin in his speech when launching the SiberKASA at Menara Cyber Axis Hall, here today.

In the event, Saifuddin also launched the opening of CyberSAFE L.I.V.E Gallery that was built by CyberSecurity Malaysia under CyberSAFE programme.

It is the first cyber security gallery that has been recognised by the Malaysia Book of Records as the “First Cyber Security Gallery” in Malaysia. The gallery now becomes the learning and teaching hub and dissemination of information about cyber security in Malaysia.

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Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, CyberSecurity Malaysia, Tan Sri Panglima Mohd. Azumi Mohamed (Retired) said, to realise the effort in tackling the threats and cyber attacks, SiberKASA introduces three components as a holistic approach towards strengthening cyber security.

“The components involve people, process and technology that are made as the basis to establish a policy, strategic planning and framework development of the cyber security system in an organisation.

“Any activity that resumes in a cyber world should be based on principles, ethical values; good behaviour and high morals and the good values should be instilled from the beginning.

“Looking at the trend of the threats and the cyber attacks today, consistent initiatives and efforts should be taken to ensure the Malaysian digital community have knowledge and information, and the awareness about cyber security so that they are capable to overcome the threats and cyber attacks,” said Mohd. Azumi. –Malaysia World News

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