Malaysia hospitality attracts more foreign investors and businesses- Dr. Abel LJMU, UK

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Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU), Dr. Abel Duarte  talking to Malaysia World News at YPC International College on Friday Nov 9

Kuala Lumpur – Being a hospitable and welcoming country, Malaysia does not only attract millions of tourists but it also brings many investors to open and run their businesses here.

Senior lecturer from School of Business Management, Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU), Dr. Abel Duarte Alonso said there are great potentials to do business in Malaysia because of its friendly and hospitable people.

“Malaysian hospitality is the key factor that attracts foreign investments here,” he said while visiting YPC International College, Malaysia with another senior lecturer, Dr. Seng Kok and 10 students from LJMU, UK on an “Educational and Cultural Exchange Programme” held at YPC from 4th to 10th November.

YPC is one of the main partners of LJMU. Students at YPC are studying the same programmes taught at LJMU, UK. YPC and LJMU have been collaborating with each other since 2005.

“Wherever we went in Malaysia, we were treated in a very hospitable manner. Malaysia is well-known for that friendly attitude.

“The hospitality of the people opens many business opportunities.

“By being open-minded, hospitable, and having a kind way of treating people, I think, foreigners would love to explore further here…That provides an additional and positive element for potential investors to stay and do business in Malaysia,” said Dr. Abel Duarte in an interview with Malaysia World News (MWN).

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YPC student putting hanah on the hand on one of the British students from LJMU, United Kingdom (UK).

The visit to YPC Malaysia had multiple benefits. It helped LJMU students know various aspects of Malaysian cultures, besides business perspectives, exposures, and entrepreneurships beyond UK.

In the 6-days visit and exchange programme, the students from both countries (Malaysia and United Kingdom) have interacted and communicated positively in all the activities scheduled for them.

The 10 business management students from LJMU, UK visited some few small and medium business operations and at the same time exposed to the diversity of Malaysian cultures.

The activities were mostly related to business management and entrepreneurships as the students and lecturers were from the Business and Management Schools.

Ljmu lecturers and students visit ypc international college malaysia
YPC Principal Datuk Dr,Noel (second left) giving a token of appreciation to Emily (LJMU student) on Friday Nov 9

Meanwhile, Dr. Seng Kok ( pic right last) also stresses that we are living today in a globalized society which offers a lot of business opportunities across the globe.

“The visit to Malaysia and YPC International College is part of a cross-culture study and it is very important for students to see how businesses are done round the world.

“There are many business opportunities in different parts of the world as we are now in a globalized society.

“Students have to learn ways to work with colleagues and other respectful organizations around the world,” he said – Malaysia World News


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