Malaysia Hisyam Samsudin won over Indonesia Jeremy Meciaz in Jakarta One Championship

JAKARTA: Malaysia Hisyam Samsudin defeated Indonesia Jeremy Meciaz in first round at ONE Championship `Total Victory` in Jakarta this evening.

Jeremy attacked Hisyam at start very aggressively which made the huge Indonesian crowd shout so loud giving big support and spirit to their home country fighter and booing Malaysian fighter Hisyam.

However, Hisyam kept calm and cool, using swift techniques that drawn his opponent exhausted sooner.

In few second of round one, Hisyam took over and knocked down Indonesia fighter with a left elbow blow that prompted the referee Yuji Shimada to stop the fight and grant Malaysia fighter as winner.

This has surprised the global athletes, fans and the local Indonesian crowd.

Hisyam was so excited and cried on stage while announcing to the audiences that his dad who came all the way from Sabah to support him has passed away in Jakarta yesterday morning.

In an interview with Malaysia World News, Hisyam said, he could not give up or cancel today fight because it was the wish of his father to see him win, this has just given him more energy.

“Though sad I am for my dad who has just passed away, I am now so happy to have won the fight and make my family and country Malaysia very proud,” he added.

Hisyam Samsudin made his professional boxing debut earlier this year when he won the World Boxing Federation (WBF) Asia Pacific light heavyweight title by defeating one of Singapore’s best boxers at the Singapore Fighting Championship. He was the first ever Malaysian to carry such title.

He has competed in both State Boxing and State Muay Thai. He won his Pro-Muay Thai debut fight at the Dihar Boxx D1 event in Kota Kinabalu in 2014, and his Pro-MMA debut in Full Metal Dojo in 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand.

In 2015, Hisyam won his Pro-Silat debut at the inaugural OneSilat event where he was the co-main event, a statement says.

He currently trains at Borneo Tribal Squad alongside ONE Championship superstar Ann Osman.- Malaysia World News




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