Malaysia government to form a new, special court for child sexual crime cases – Najib


prime minister najib razak child crime abuse bill
Najib said the government plans to form a special court  for child sexual crime cases proceedings

KUALA LUMPUR 13 Mac -The Malaysian Government will table the Child Sexual Crimes Bill in the ongoing Parliamentary session and hopes that all parties regardless of political ideologies and religious beliefs to support it.

The Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said, before tabling it to the Parliament, the bill will have to be proposed and accepted by the cabinet ministers shortly.  There is no reason as to why this bill is not being accepted and supported by all including the opposition parties.

Subsequently, he said, the government has also decided to form a special court to convene the proceedings of the child sexual crimes cases.

“This is a universal case and it will not stop at this National Child Sexual Crimes 2017 but has to go on as it is the responsibilities of all concerns including the government, parents and the communities to eradicate sexual crimes offenses,” he said in a live telecast from RTM1 here this afternoon.

So far, 2,759 cases of rape, 412 cases of incest, 1,423 cases of molesting and 422 cases of unnatural sex involving children under 18 were reported in 2015 and 2016, he said.

He also urged religious leaders and ulamaks to consistently remind the community and parents of the danger of child sexual crimes if not handled and stopped wisely. Parents are advised to follow the technology trends in order to prevent their children from accessing obscene sites. Some photography websites are difficult to be traced by the authorities.

Parents should be entrusted by their children to enable them to tell their stories and emotional problems, Najib added. They should be thought about appropriate and inappropriate “touch” on their bodies, so not everybody can touch them, especially strangers.  Children should also learn about “YRT” ( yell, run and tell) when they are sexually abused. – Malaysia World News

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