Malaysia government studies the bill passed by USA to sanction Hamas supporters

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KUALA LUMPUR: The government is monitoring the decision of the United States House of Representatives that had passed the bill to sanction Hamas supporters and Jihad Islam Palestine movements on Wednesday.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Datuk Seri Dr. Zambry Abd. Kadir said, his ministry will study the content of the bill in detail before implementing any follow-up action.-

Highlighting on the latest development in Palestine, Zambry said, the total death is more than 8,700 people and this is very disappointing while people who have lost their homes or displaced people have reached 1.4 million and this is a very sad situation.

“On one hand continuous bombings have been going on whilst the other party has not been searching for the best way to solve the problems but instead putting it into a more difficult situation to stop the attacks immediately to enable humanitarian aids to be sent tomorrow,” he said to the media and news agency after attending the Graduation event “Diploma in Diplomacy (DID), Diplomacy Institute and Foreign Relations here on Thursday.

Zambry added, the first humanitarian aid for the Palestinians in Gaza is scheduled to be sent via the Al-Arish, Egypt International Airport via the hired cargo flight tomorrow as scheduled.

“Normally for other countries’ aid to reach the Al-Arish International Airport would take at least five days but for Malaysia the decision has been made in 36 hours.

‘“This enables us to make preparations to deliver it to the airport and from there the authority of Egypt will do follow up action to send the aids to Rafah,” Zambry said.

Bernama in its report said the ministry according to Zambry has received feedback /on the possibility of the route to Rafah will be opened to enable foreigners and those with two citizenships that is Palestine and other countries to go out of Palestine.


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