Malaysia gov. to build a field hospital for Rohingya refugees` babies and children –PM Najib

KUALA LUMPUR:  The government of Malaysia will build a field hospital specially focused for babies and children’s health near the Rohingya refugee camps in Cox Bazar, Bangladesh at the end of November.

Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said, as cleanliness and hygienic factors are of priority concerns, a team of experts will be flown to Bangladesh on the 7th November to decide the location of the hospital. 

“Malaysia is quite advanced in helping the Rohingya refugees at both diplomacy level and special forums. We have given the refugees food, blankets, towels and with the field hospital, Malaysia’s presence will be felt strongly there,” Najib said after launching the “mock field hospital” near Tuanku Mizan Armed Forces Hospital at Wangsa Maju on Sunday.

He added, Malaysia will help to its best effort and the field hospital will be the biggest contribution to the Rohingya refugees. This is following the manifestation of the government and the people in providing humanitarian aids to them.    

 Najib added, the field hospital has an operation theatre, two beds in the intensive care unit (ICU), X’ray and research facilities. It can cater for 50 till 100 beds while the female and the male wards are separated.

The Prime Minister Najib and Minister of Defence Hishammuddin with the mission medical team.

According to Najib, the standard of the field hospital is at par with the local district hospital but with specialised capabilities.

However, the first group of volunteers will be flown to Chittaggong, Bangladesh on 21st November and the field hospital is scheduled to start its operation on the 1st December 2017.

Najib said, the field hospital will operate for three months. He thanked the government, high commissioner and the Armed Forces of Bangladesh for their help to realize the field hospital to be built near the Rohingya refugee camps.

He also urged Malaysian medical experts to serve as volunteers at the field hospital while the government linked companies (GLC) and private companies donate medicines to the Rohingya refugees.

The Prime Minister also said, the field hospital is built by the MAF personnel while the staffs of the Ministry of Health and volunteers manage it. The non- governmental organizations (NGO) that are involved in the mission include Malaysian Relief Agency, Islamic Medical Association Relief Team (1MARET), Mercy Malaysia and Humanity Heroes.

Meanwhile the preparation of the field hospital assets, medical assets and training the civil medical personnel are being done by MAF. 

The humanitarian aid team consists of 139 people. It includes 39 medical experts, 16 medical officers, 57 paramedics, 6 pharmacists, 4 laboratory technicians, 4 X’ray experts, 7 environmental health officers and 6  general and administrative staff.- Malaysia World News      

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