Malaysia gives various financial assistance to its people who are affected by COVID-19

muhyiddin yassin covid 19

PUTRAJAYA MAR.16: Following the effects of COVID-19 on the economic and social well being of the people, Malaysia government announced various  financial assistance and special discounts. 

Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin announced today that the government would be giving out RM600 per month to employees who have been forced to go on unpaid leave until further notice.

” The government will assist workers who have to take leave without pay, for six months.

“The government financial aid involves RM120 million, covering 33,000 workers.

“Apart from that several services affecting tourism sectors are given 15% discount for six months until September” Muhyiddin said in a press conference following the decisions made by the Economic Action Council (EAC) that had their first meeting today.

About 10 million households including commercial and various industrial sectors will also benefit from 2 percent electricity discount starting from 1st April till September 2020 involving RM500 million as announced by the government today.

Meanwhile, the “Household Living Aid” (BSH) that is scheduled to be paid in May to the B40 category as announced in the Economic Stimulus Package in February will instead be brought forward today.

Muhyiddin said the small projects announced in the Package that is valued RM2 billion will start to be implemented in April with the supervision of the Chief Secretary to the Government. – Malaysia World News

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