Malaysia fully supports peace and peaceful dialogue to solve conflicts in Ukraine, Palestine and Myanmar

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Malaysia fully supports peace and peace efforts through dialogue based on the United Nations Charter and international law and hopes that the United States will play a leading role for a peaceful solution to the situation in Ukraine, Palestine and Myanmar.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Saifuddin Abdullah said: “The Ukrainian conflict has caused the suffering of the Ukrainian people, adding to the existing global refugee problem and adversely affected the world economy; causing to higher inflation; and leading to issues of food security (food shortage).

“The murder of Ms Shireen Akleh in the West Bank (Palestine) is unacceptable. The systemic oppression and wanton killing of the innocent by Israel must be stopped.

“The US must play an honest role to find a solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict that has waged on for 74 years,” said Saifuddin in a post in Facebook today.

In regards to the humanitarian crisis in Myanmar, Malaysia is also committed to realizing the Five Point Consensus, and has called for ASEAN to have informal engagement with the National Unity Government and the National Unity Consultative Council.

“Malaysia, as with other countries, remains committed to maintaining the South China Sea as a peaceful and stable zone, an important factor to ensure that the global supply chain is not disrupted.

“Malaysia views the US proposal on the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework as an opportunity to enhance regional competitiveness, economic resilience, and prosperity as well as strengthen relations between the people,” Saifuddin added.


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