OACE: Malaysia establishes a centre of excellence for water technology and innovation

A strategic partnership forged between Dunheved Group Limited and University Technology Petronas.

Dunheved Group Limited (DGL), in partnership with Oltremare Italy, University Technology Petronas (UTP) and other local industrial partners and experts in the water industry, has recently established a centre of excellence for water technology and innovation, called “Oltremare Asia Centre of Excellence (OACE).”

This centre aims to conduct research and development of water treatment technologies and commercialization in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

“With our expertise and experience in the water industry and our worldwide connections, we provide private and government sector experiences to the water technology entrepreneurs and companies as well as investors by establishing an eco-friendly global hub for business, research, and tourism,” said OACE in a statement.

“By leveraging on our close partnership with major government agencies such as Ministry of Science Technology & Innovation, Ministry of Energy,  Green Technology and Water,   Ministry of Education,  Ministry of Tourism and Culture,  Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) as well as our worldwide networking, we will work closely with potential investors, and local and international experts in exchanging ideas and technologies to solve the issue of water and provide clean drinkable water to thousands of people, mainly those in remote and rural areas,” the statement added.

In doing so, OACE will build, develop and participate in the emerging and dynamic Malaysian nanotechnology ecosystem.


This will act as a catalyst for further nanotechnology research development and commercialization, thus creating new exciting industries in Malaysia that would further realize substantial economic and social potentials.

The focus of OACE research and development activities are on membrane-based water treatment technologies.  OACE is to develop innovative water treatment technologies in the area of membrane mechanism.

Establishing a partnership with the local university (UTP) is a good reflection to emphasize on excellent science, and the interest to translate cutting-edge environmental and water technologies research into innovative business solutions that will benefit the industry and society.

“We anticipate a breakthrough from these joint efforts,” OACE said.

Dunheved Group Limited meeting with University Technology Petronas
A strategic partnership forged between Dunheved Group Limited and University Technology Petronas

The establishment of OACE will not only help to solve the issue of pure water shortage in Malaysia, but create a platform and a high tech space where local and international researchers and experts meet together, develop their research, showcase their innovations, conduct seminars, and commercialize their findings and technologies.

With this, the centre will contribute to the nation blueprint and green technology plans that tend to transform Malaysia into a developed, industrial, high-income nation.

– Malaysia World News

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