Malaysia does not allow brothels or prostitution even for foreigners – Minister Fahmi

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PUTRAJAYA: Minister of Communications, Fahmi Fadzil stressed that the Malaysian government will not compromise with any suggestion that will bring harm to the country such as opening brothels for the foreigners.

Fahmi said, the Malaysian laws will not allow brothels to be opened for the foreigners.

Relating to the issue he said, he agreed with the opinion of the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Religious Affairs), Datuk Dr. Mohd. Naim Mokhtar who said: “We don’t have to entertain such matter.

“I feel there was a mistake in Datuk Rosyam Nor’s opinion. We have to follow the regulation,” he said to the media after the press conference on the Quality of Celluar Services Tests in Putrajaya here, Tuesday.

Earlier the famous actor Rosyam Nor or Mohamed Noor Shamsuddin,57 had spoken via a direct audio programme entitled “The Black Sweet of Life” where he suggested that a brothel should be built for foreigners to reduce criminal cases such as rape and sexual harassments involving foreigners.

Reacting on that suggestion, Mohd Na’im said, harm cannot disappear with other harm besides considering the opinion of the actor is clearly against the provision of the civil and syariah laws and the principle of Islamic teachings.

Mohd. Na’im added, prostitution is a serious crime in Islamic laws and included in the hudud category. – Malaysia Word News

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