Malaysia did not receive the six combat helicopters it purchased and paid for


KUALA LUMPUR: The Ministry of Defence reaffirmed that they have not received any of the six light combat helicopters MD530G from the manufacturer even though a payment of RM112.6 million has been made.

The amount paid is equivalent to 35 percent out of RM321.9 million from the total amount of contract that is until the sixth “milestone” payment.

“The government has made a study on the suitability of the equipment and specifications while the helicopters are being manufactured and found that changes and amendments have to be made so that the assets could meet the agency’s requirements.

“The delay in delivering the helicopters to the government is due to several technical issues that is related to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) (company),” said the Ministry of Defence in its statement today (Friday November 1).

The statement also mentioned that the OEM has failed to meet its main obligation that is to send the six helicopters to the government of Malaysia even though the delivery dates have been changed for three times..

According to the statement, the Ministry is also studying on the feedbacks and information gathered from the stakeholders to finalise the direction of the purchase of the helicopters.

Meanwhile the government has identified few options that could be taken to settle the problem of the purchase of the helicopters and will ensure that should any decision being made it would only incur minimum losses to the government.

“The government will not be influenced from any party’s pressure regarding the purchase of the helicopters,” said the statement. – Malaysia World News (MWN).

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