Malaysia develops Media City building for the growth of national broadcasting industry

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KUALA LUMPUR: The development of the Media City building in Angkasapuri is among the strategic steps taken by the government to stimulate the growth and development of the broadcasting industry in the country.

Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said, with the Media City building, further follow-up actions will be made to enable the standard of Malaysian broadcasting will not be left behind but at par with the standard practices in the ASEAN region and internationally.

Ismail said the increase in competition via the presence of many broadcasters and industry players will help develop creativity and healthy competitions in the content production and cooperation towards commercialisation.
“The role of Radio Television

Malaysia (RTM) as the government official media should be more dynamic based on the technology and facilities that it owns besides being the leader and example to other broadcasters in disseminating government messages to the people.

“This has also elevated the abilities of RTM at the national and international level besides maintaining the ideology and the Malaysian culture like the roles shouldered by other national broadcasters in this region including Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore,” Ismail said.

The Prime Minister said that in his speech when officiating the Media City building at Angkasapuri here on 26th Oct.2022.

Ismail added, the symbol has placed the new RTM in a stronger position via the drastic change in its physical image and now it looks fresh, modern and dynamic. All these will pave the way for a new National Broadcasting Policy to be considered that will be based on two important elements namely Keluarga Malaysia and inclusivity.

“In fact it could be made into a national production content model that had been pioneered by Hollywood, United States of America; British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in Europe and content industry in Japan and Korea that is pivoted on the culture and local lifestyle with the universal togetherness values,” Ismail said.

“The presence of the Media City as a national broadcasting symbol is not limited only on the physical building. The technology it carries along with development must be utilised to its optimum level in producing content, radio and television programmes that are clear besides imparting information and entertainment to the people,” Ismail said.

Ismail stressed that the government will always support the initiatives that are people friendly and stakeholder friendly in the efforts to fulfil the people’s aspiration and complete their trusts besides giving positive returns to the country.

“I hope in future Media City will continue to be developed as the national broadcasting centre with the participation and presence of various local broadcasters in this complex like Media City in Dubai, UAE; Manchester, United Kingdom; Sydney, Australia and Singapore,” Ismail said.-Malaysia World News

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