Malaysia condemns Israel latest attacks on Rafah, Gaza killing 19 Palestinians just hours after Harmas’s accepted ceasefire -Ministry


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KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia vehemently condemns the latest attacks by Israel on Rafah in Gaza, 6 May 2024 causing 19 killed as reported by the Palestine Health Ministry.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement said, the attacks came just hours after Harmas’s acceptance of a ceasefire proposed from the peace negotiations brokered by Egypt and Qatar only demonstrates Israel’s intransigence and unwillingness to work for peace.

“The Israel regime is bent on pursuing genocide and a war of extermination against the besieged Palestinians. As such Israel deserves the strongest condemnation from the international community,” the ministry said in its statement here today.

The statement added that the ongoing assaults on civilians by the Israel Occupation Forces (IOF) particularly in Rafah, Gaza are unequivocally abhorrent and reprehensible, particularly as innocent children, women, and the most vulnerable are sheltering in densely populated camps-the last bastions of refuge against Israeli aggression.

“The international community must redouble efforts to get the Israeli regime to cease its blatant criminal acts and hold it accountable under international humanitarian law and international human rights law,” the statement said.- Malaysia World News


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