Malaysia-China more business opportunities, says PM Najib


Warmly received by President Xi before the BeltandRoad Forum sessions today. 1
Najib Razak warmly received by President Xi at the Leaders’ Roundtable Summit at the Belt and Road Forum today. [pic #BeltandRoad]
BEIJING:  More doors opened for more collaboration and business between Malaysia and China, under Najib`s premiership.

“Things are easier now as China has opened the doors that were tricky to access in the past due to certain obstacles”, said Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

 Subsequently, doors are opening wide for the Malaysian businesses in China due to the amicable ties between the nations and leaders of both countries, said Najib who is attending the two-day Belt and Road international Forum in Beijing along with other 29 heads of state or government from all over the world.

 The Prime Minister also said many Malaysian entrepreneurs and corporate figures have taken the opportunity to be here to have business discussions with the Chinese.

Najib added the exact value of these business negotiations on the sideline of his working trip were difficult to assess but for certain Malaysian businesses were excited with the abundance of opportunities.

Officially, Malaysia signed nine business-to-business memorandums of understanding (MoU) with a total value of US$7.22bil (RM31.26bil).

Before he arrived in Beijing, Najib was in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province to meet Alibaba founder, Jack Ma.

Ma will be coming to Malaysia in October to launch the e-fulfilment centre of the Digital Free Trade Zone.

Relating to the two-day Belt and Road International Forum, Najib said, the mega initiative would forge connectivity between China and Asia, Europe, East Africa and South America.

“There are only 29 leaders at the forum this time. But as success breeds success, there will be more and more countries joining in,” he said.

Besides the 29 heads of states and high-level officials from over 100 countries, representatives from the European Union, International Monetary Fund, the United Nations and the World Bank were present to show their endorsement and support.

Meanwhile, Chinese President, Xi Jinping in his opening speech stressed that the Belt and Road initiative champions shared prosperity with win-win solutions geared towards world peace, said Najib.

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