Malaysia Armed Forces: Show power with extraordinary power

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Malaysian army at  Firepower battlefield.

GEMAS 22 May – Firepower training conducted by the Malaysian Army at Gemas Range, Syed Sirajuddin Camp, has witnessed highly war trained soldiers performed an excellent job in handling various military assets and weaponry systems.

The Gemas Range was in a “battlefield” scenario when many military assets were functioning as if in a real war, targeting their enemies at a distance located far away from the range.

A helicopter carrying support systems for the army on the ground.

The firepower shootings reached its targets as planned and the scenario turned to be more exciting, especially when Nuri helicopters made a surprise pass over the “battlefield,” carrying support systems for the army on the ground.

The “battlefield” was filled with suspense when few assets like ACV 300 Adnan ATGW Baktar Shikan , an anti-tank weapon with weaponry system, ATGM-LR Baktar Shikan 76mm Smoke Grenade Launcher made its appearance and then blasted its targeted point.

The powerfire training also witnessed Agusta -7.62 mm Gatling Gun M 134D in action. Its weight is 30kg., circle of fire 6.5 MIL (80% circle), the reaction time is 10 seconds and Ammo Magazine-3,000 round link belt (94.5) and effective range 800M (Max.1,800).  

Chief of Malaysian Army, General Datuk Seri Zulkiple Kassim (left) talking to the media.

“I am very happy to see the performance of all the military personnel involved in the training. They are skillful and able to use all the firearms systems equipped in “Gempita” for example as well as handling systems in other assets.

“We did not use the whole military assets in the training as the range has limited space. However the new asset used in the training was the DefTech AV8 Gempita 8×8,” said Chief of Malaysian Army, General Datuk Seri Zulkiple Kassim to the media.       

 According to Zulkiple, the Malaysian Army takes the opportunity to train the military staffs responsible for arms control in their division despite the firepower training is very costly.

He said the firepower training uses live bullets and variety of military assets. The training is very important to test the skillfulness of military staffs involved and to see the effectiveness of their own actions.

 Zulkiple added, if the “shooting” fails to reach the target, it will become zero effect instead of 100 percent and that is why a military staff should be well trained to ensure the effectiveness of any weapon used.

“If military staffs fail to fully utilize their weapons, it will give a big impact, to the extent the whole strategic plan needs to be changed,” he said after the 3rd Malaysian Combined Arms Division Firepower Training 2017 ended. 

Military fighters firing at their targets.

Amongst the distinguished guests present were Chief of Defence Force Malaysia, General Tan Sri Raja Mohamed Affandi Raja Mohamed Noor, Deputy Chief of Army, Lt. Gen. Datuk Seri Panglima Ahmad Hasbullah Mohd. Nawawi, Deputy Chief of Army, Australia, Maj. Gen. Rick Burr, Commander of 506 Army Volunteer Reserved Regiment, Tengku Temenggong Kelantan, Brig. Gen. Datuk Tengku Mohamad Rizam Tengku Abdul Aziz, RMAF Commander of Air Region 1, Maj. Gen. Datuk Fauzi Ahmad, Commander of the 3rd Division, Maj. General Datuk Hasagaya Abdullah, Defence Attache and course participants of the Malaysian Armed Forces Staff College. 

Referring to the budget used in the training, Zulkiple said, he was thankful to the government as the Malaysian Army’s request had been fulfilled.

“The government knows and understands our requirements. We guarantee that our preparedness in defending the sovereignty and safety of the country has never been less in whatever situation,” he added.

Local and international high ranked army officials witnessing the firepower training.

About 1,700 military personnel were involved in the annual event. It was an educational process for the military staffs besides exposing them to the usage of weapons effectively in the real battlefield.

The training was divided into two segments, firstly the dynamic segment –OP3 and secondly indirect fire segment including fighter aircraft from the Royal Malaysian Air Force held in OP3A.

In OP3A session, the “fighters” made a grand entry into Gemas Range. The Hawk Formation was performed by Panji Alam, led by Maj. Hafiz and Maj. Syukri. Meanwhile, the F18 formation was demonstrated by Taring Singa led by Maj. Khamizan while the overall formation was led and with his Weapon Sensor Officer Maj. Irwan as the Overall Mission Commander and Maj. Faizul with his Weapon Sensor Officer Maj. Kamal.

In the simulated air strike and guard attack demonstration, five air crafts were used. There were 2xHawk 208 from No.6 Squadron and 3x F/A 18-D Hornet from No.18 Squadron._ Malaysia World News 

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