Malaysia Abstains From UN Vote To Remove Russia From Human Rights Council


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PUTRAJAYA: Malaysia has chosen to abstain from the UN resolution vote to suspend Russia’s membership in the Human Rights Council (HRC) at the United Nation General Assembly (GA) during the 11th Emergency Special Session of the GA held recently.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, Malaysia’s abstaining was shared by 57 other countries, 93 member states voted in favour and 24 voted against the resolution.

The Ministry added, Malaysia stressed that a critical decision such as the suspension of a HRC member should not be made in a haste and must be accorded its due processes.

 “Malaysia also believes that the Commission of Inquiry established by the HRC in March 2022 must be allowed time to carry out investigations and present its findings first, as to verify allegation of any gross and systematic violations of human rights and breach of humanitarian law happening in conflict areas.

“As a HRC member, Malaysia reiterates its principal position against any politicisation of issues at the Council,” the Ministry’s statement added.

According to the statement, the situation of conflict areas in Ukraine is a call for grave concern.

“Malaysia continues to closely monitor the developments including human rights and humanitarian situation on the ground.

 “Malaysia reiterates the call for unimpeded humanitarian assistance to all those in need particularly those in vulnerable situations.

“Malaysia strongly urges all concerned parties to immediately take steps to de-escalate, continue to progress towards peaceful dialogue, negotiations and to fully comply with their obligation under international humanitarian law and international human rights law,” the statement said.

The statement emphasizes that as the HRC is a subsidiary organ of the GA under the established Rules of Procedure of the GA, the latter may suspend the membership of a HRC member that commits gross and systematic violations of human rights with two-thirds majority of Member States present and voting. -Malaysia World News


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