Malays should be given proper training and assistance to be at par with other races- Dr. Mahathir

dr mahathir in indonesia

The Malays in the rural areas can only adapt to the ongoing digital ecosystem if the government focuses its attention to this group as their economic status and education achievements are still low.

Former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad said, the Malays in the rural areas do not normally involve in businesses and thus politically they are also not influential.

“The government have to give assistance and aids to this group so that they are able to chase the people in front to be at par with them.

“The opportunities given to the foreigners and the local Malays should be fair. If the government emphasized on merits more than the social status then the Malays will be sidelined in their own country,” Dr. Mahathir said via live telecast on Awani Facebook (Malaysia) on Friday.

Dr. Mahathir said that as a Special Guest Speaker at the Parti Nasional Demokrat (Nasdem) Assembly held in Jakarta on Friday. He was responding to a question raised by a participant on how to help the Malays to cope up with the digitalisation era that involves technology that is also known as Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Dr. Mahathir added, in order for the Malays to be at par with other races, proper training and assistance should be given to them.

Dr. Mahathir mentioned that with reference to his book “Malay Dilemma” which he wrote that had resulted many Malays were unhappy with the contents,” Dr. Mahathir said.

On the question of how he felt when he was 17 years old and aspired to be a politician, Dr. Mahathir explained that at that age everyone should have the nationalism spirit to build the nation so that the world will have high regards on the country (Malaysia).

“When I was 17, nobody listened to my opinion on politics. That was why I studied hard and became a medical doctor and then people paid attention to what I said. Many people have asked me as a doctor how I could become a politician,” Dr. Mahathir said.

Regarding women in the political scenario, Dr. Mahathir said, the ratio of women to men today is 50-50 and as such if the women’s work forces are not being utilised then the strength of a nation will not be fully achieved.

“The best is to give them equal opportunity provided they can deliver and competent. If opportunities are only given to the men but could not deliver then the result will be a failure,” Dr. Mahathir reiterated.

Referring to his success in the 14th General Election where he became the 7th Prime Minister of Malaysia in 2018, Dr. Mahathir said, many people assumed that Pakatan Harapan (PH) won because I was with them but there were other factors contributing to the change of government.

“Other factors contributing to the change of government from Barisan Nasional to PH was because the Malaysians were embarrassed after a court in the United States openly said that the then Prime Minister had “stolen money”. With that statement, the people decided to change the government.

“My contribution to the success of PH to become the government in 2018 was small,” Dr. Mahathir said.

 As a special guest speaker at the Nasdem Assembly, Dr. Mahathir said President Joko Widodo has been on the correct path in leading Indonesian government and its people.

“I am sure with the national leadership of Surya Paloh in Nasdem party, more contributions and aids to the people will be achieved.

“Malaysia shares the happiness with Indonesia that provides a comfortable living atmosphere to its people. The success of Indonesia today is also felt by the whole of Nusantara,” Dr. Mahathir reiterated.

Earlier Dr. Mahathir in one of his statements had said that Indonesia’s achievement in the economic sector and politics recently has been the best among the neighbouring countries.–Malaysia World News

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