Making Wee a “punching bag” will not help

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Minister of Transport, Wee Ka Siong said today people who are not happy over the conviction of the woman who hit and caused the death of eight teenage bicyclists should go and appeal in the court, instead of criticising him.

“Any decision by the judiciary must be respected and cannot be interfered with.

“You can disagree with the court decision, you have a right to express your feelings but you have no right to curse others.

“Any doubts should go through an appeal in the courts, making Wee Ka Siong a punching bag will not help,” said the MCA president and Ayer Hitam MP on his Facebook.

Among the criticisms against him, he said, are complaints that the parents of the children were not charged for negligence.

High Court on April 13 sentenced the woman to six years in prison and an RM2,000 fine for reckless driving which caused the death of the eight teenagers in 2017.


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