MAF should change the acquisition of asset system to avoid extreme commissions –PM Anwar

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KUALA LUMPUR: The acquisition of asset system of the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) need to be changed to ensure no outsider could reap extreme commissions from the process of purchasing assets, says Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Anwar said, the changes should be made as the preparedness of national defence asset equipments such as ships, aeroplanes and tanks are not at par with the economic growth and the Malaysian strategic geopolitics’ position.

“I choose to speak on this because for the veterans, military forces and all the people, the national preparedness in the defence fields is an important matter.

“We propose to the military leaders to change the acquisition system and no outsider can intervene on this matter. Leaders of the forces are made responsible to choose the warships, planes, tanks and other best equipments and not to repeat the habit of robbing through extreme commissions to the extent our assets is less capable and stable in the defence fields,” he said as quoted by Bernama.

Anwar who is also the Minister of Finance said that in his speech when officiating the event “Empowering MAF Veteran Entrepreneurs Programme” at Wisma ATM, here Monday.

The prime minister added, to monitor the stability and the peacefulness of the country, the capabilities of the defence assets should not be compromised even though there are people who will belittle the government’s efforts in increasing the allocation of expenditures to empower the MAF capabilities.

“I want to say here that our responsibility is to give a good perspective and policy and to fix a policy so that the safety capabilities and the national defence teams are equipped and stable.

“As such stop the ways and old practices. I don’t care even though we will be rebutted out there because we are very serious on the governance of corruption and extreme commissions,” he reiterated. –Malaysia World News

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