M. Kulasegaran and four others will be called soon by the police for allegedly defaming Dr Zakir

Muslim preacher Dr Zakir should not be allowed to stay here in Malaysia says Human Resources Minister

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 8 — The police will be calling next week Human Resources Minister M. Kulasegaran, former ambassador Dennis Ignatius, Penang deputy chief minister II P. Ramasamy, Bagan Dalam assemblyman Satees Muniandy, and Klang MP Charles Santiago  to have their statements recorded for allegedly defaming Muslim preacher Dr Zakir Naik.

“We will call all who made the remarks by next week,” Malaysiakini quoted the federal police’s Criminal Investigation Department director Datuk Huzir Mohamed as saying.

Last month, Dr Zakir lodged a police report against the 5 men claiming they twisted and manipulated his August 8 comments only to accuse him of creating communal disharmony in the country.

Dr Zakir is also demanding an compensation from the five over the alleged defamation.

The five men last month called for the deportation of Dr Zakir to India.

However, the Prime Minister Dr Mahathir said Dr Zakir will not be deported to india .

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