Lower prices for bottled cooking oil effective 8th Sept.2022 – Minister Annuar 


KUALA LUMPUR: The government is introducing the Jualan Murah Keluarga Malaysia (JMKM) via online managed by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) with RM150 million government fund while additional RM150 million will be contributed by matching companies.

Chairman of Jihad Against Inflation Special Committee, Tan Sri Annuar Musa said, the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia and Ministry of Finance had agreed to choose 17 e-commerce platforms domestically and abroad.

Annuar said, the JMKM online shopping will start this Saturday and the RM300 million funds will be utilised effective from September till December 2022 with an estimation of five million transactions per month and 120 million transactions within the period.

“At the beginning this online shopping service will be limited only to Malaysian citizens where they are required to give their personal information to prevent discount vouchers being abused.

“With every transaction the buyer will get a 20 per cent discount voucher and the purchase is limited to RM500. The products sold are not limited only to groceries but crafts product, halal food, agricultural products, tourism, tickets and hotel bookings.

“The online shopping is also to help the national economic growth besides encouraging the people to buy via online and local entrepreneurs to sell their products using digital system.

Annuar who is also Minister of Communications and Multimedia said, among the 17 e-commerce platforms that will offer online services include Food Panda, Shoppe, Lazada, Tik Tok, SiteGiant, Kumoten and Craze.             

Meanwhile the government had agreed to drop the ceiling price of bottled cooking oil effective 8th September 2022 with 5kg. reduces to RM33.40 compared to the current price RM34.70.

On the other hand the price of 1 kg. 2 kg and 3 kg bottled cooking oil will be RM7.50, RM14 and RM21.10 respectively. However the new ceiling price will be effective until 7th October 2022.

Before 1st July 2022, the maximum price for 5 kg cooking oil was RM29.70 for 2 kg at RM12.70, 3 kg at RM18.70 and 1 kg at RM6.70.

The government had abolished the subsidy on bottled cooking oil on 1st July and implemented the price control. – Malaysia World News



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