Lot of talk but no talk about good governance – PM Anwar

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SEPANG: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim commented that a lot of talk on Islamic teachings being held in the mosques nationwide but very little touches on governance.

Anwar said, the Islamic talks only touch on values, religion and race,  but at the same time defending the betrayers to the race, religion and the nation.

“I have touched on the elements that have to be highlighted in my speech at the Launching of the Prime Minister’s Directive No.1 Year 2023 in conjunction with the National Good Governance Symposium 2024 held here today (Monday).

“The enforcement body will take serious action on top leaders if there is data, facts and strong reasons regardless of the position and the individual’s influences.

“I have also appreciated the commitments of the Cabinet Ministers and civil servants who have shown their seriousness in elevating the governance and bring changes to the nation,” Anwar said in his Facebook post today.

The Tambun Member of Parliament also invites the people to fight against depravity and to uphold the principle of good governance.

“If there is no action taken on corruption practices and the offenders are left “untouched” then it is impossible to safe the country,” he said.

Earlier in his speech, Anwar said he was cynical on governance following the case of certain individual after being charged and convicted but was released after a while. The clever people became “stupid” as all of them just nodded on such case.

“What is the meaning of education and good values then? I hope the symposium will come up with a form of decision on this matter,”he said.

Anwar added, many people are uncertain on the meaning of “democratic accountability.”

He also claimed that there was a fund of RM22 billion allocated to help the poor in the countrty and if there was no leakage, the issueof poverty would have been solved long time ago.

The prime minister stressed that with democratic accountability the status of the country and the people could be elevated and the country will prosper with the values of humanity, sincerity and merciful.

“All these elements should be in the system and good governance starts from the top level (Minister) to the civil servants at the bottom.” Anwar said. – Malaysia World News


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