Long lost BESTIES meet their teachers after 48 years

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Teachers` Day – Teachers reunion with their pupils

Happy Teachers’ Day to all the working and retired teachers in Malaysia for your contribution to the growth and development of our society by providing children with the social and intellectual skills required to be an independent member of society.

16th May of each year is a special day for teachers to be remembered, recognised and appreciated for what they have done for the students they have taught.

During my school days in the early 60’s, there was no such celebration but teachers were respected and appreciated to the maximum level. There were no incidents of pupils disrespecting their teachers or parents complaining about teachers’ canning their children for disciplinary reasons.

We thanked and appreciated our teachers by giving them the best work possible and obtaining good results in our examinations. Without them, we are not what we are today and for that…  many thanks to all the teachers and lecturers who have guided and supervised us all the way.

I think appreciation via passing examinations with flying colours could be the best “fruit” reaped after the hard work each teacher had given to the students in the class.

However, the batch of pupils from Express 3 Class and Standard 4 of the Batu Village English School in 1965/66 who named themselves as the BESTIES in WhatsApp  group  had  a special way in appreciating their class teachers who had taught them.

Two teachers in their 80’s, Pushpamala Sundram and Mrs. Pillai were visited by their pupils after nearly 48 years they left the primary school. They met these two lovable and most popular teachers at Pushpamala’s residence in Yarl Garden near Old Klang Road yesterday.

Fifteen pupils who were in their late 50’s brought different kinds of Malaysian food from bryiani rice, capati, salads, curry noodles,” mamak mee”, fruits, yogurt to the” rempeyek”, ” love letters” and chocolate cakes as special gifts for their teachers.

Both of them welcomed their pupils in the most loving manner like kissing and hugging their children in a gesture popularly related as  “mum missing their children who have not been coming home for a long time”. In this context, hugging tightly is a sign of missing each other greatly with the nostalgic feeling.

They spent about three hours talking and narrating stories during school days while enjoying their  food in the beautiful house where Pushpamala lives with her son Ramesh S. Sundram.

Amongst those present were Datuk Athif, Aimran Liu Abdullah, Mohd. Yusof Foo Abdullah, Zaiton Mokhtar, Lee Hwa, Sharina Mohd. Salleh, Umar Raju Abdullah, Angie Chew, Yip Sow Lan, Ng Wei Voon, Lim Fui Kim, Nadya Chew, Dr. Safurah and Yap Sue Chew. _www.malaysiaworldnews.com

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