Liz Truss expected to be the new UK Prime Minister

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LONDON: British Foreign Minister Liz Truss is expected to be announced as the new British Prime Minister, on Monday replacing Boris Johnson.

Truss has pledged to address economic issues, promote growth and boost energy supplies if appointed prime minister.

“I have a bold vision for our country and economy.
“I’m ready to deliver as Prime Minister from day one.
“As Prime Minister, I will unleash Britain’s potential by going for growth and removing the obstacles holding our country back.
“A growing economy is key to delivering for the British people and unlocking opportunity,” she wrote in a post on her Facebook.
According to the Sunday Telegraph newspaper, Truss reiterated her pledge to tackle Britain’s economy more boldly, especially in a situation where the country is struggling with double-digit inflation and facing a recession.
“If elected, in the first week of the new administration, I plan to draw up immediate action on electricity bills and energy supplies.
“The fiscal event will follow later this month from my Chancellor, with a wider package of actions on the economy,” Reuters quoted her as saying in the writing.
According to Bloomberg, Truss is also  planning to “turbo-charge” the economy by slashing taxes is already worrying investors amid double-digit inflation.
Truss is contesting against Rishi Sunak, and if she wins she will replace Boris Johnson who was ousted by his ministers as the country is facing a cost of living crisis, industrial turmoil and double-digit inflation.

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