LGE: Action will be taken against DAP leaders who accept “Datuk” titles

Lim Guan Eng NSTP

KUALA LUMPUR: DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng today warns DAP’s elected representatives and councillors that stern action will be taken against those who accept datukship titles.

 “Some people think that if they become a state Exco member, they can become a Datuk. They feel it’s their right. That is not right.

“Don’t mess with me. Regardless of your position, I will take action. You were elected to represent the rakyat, not yourself,” Lim, who is also the Minister of Finance, was quoted saying by FMT when officiating the 2018 KL DAP convention.

Citing the Malay daily, the news portal said two DAP leaders who had recently accepted their titles had apologised for not consulting the party first, namely Bemban assemblyperson Wong Fort Pin and Sandakan MP Stephen Wong.

This came after Melaka and Sabah DAP leaders were awarded state titles, which carry the title “Datuk”.

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