Leng Yein and  Syafnida Shuhaimi look good in PANGOI collection

Leng Yein and  Syafnida Shuhaimi wearing Pangoi`s latest.

Well established for its specialized and high quality fabric, PANGOI has recently extended its ladies’ products by launching a special batik collection of clothes, bags and accessories at its newly opened outlet at Subang Parade, Selangor.

To highlight the attractions and the charms that Pangoi is offering to the trendy and fashionable ladies, Malaysia World News (MWN) today reviews Pangoi products by featuring the famous model and DJ Leng Yein along with a young actress Syafnida Shuhaimi.

Both ladies look stylish, elegant, vibrant and beautiful when they put on Pangoi apparels and accessories.

Ladies who want to look great and be in a special class obviously will look out for the fashion designers particularly from Turkey and Korea.

Women belonging in that class and style would love to put on the elegant attires and carry bags from a mixed Turkish-Korean designs.

” I feel more sexy and beautiful wearing Pangoi traditional Kebaya and Jubah though I am covered up,”  DJ Leng Yein said when asked about her experience at Pangoi store.

The fabrics, the batik collections, the designs of the bags and outfits all look very modern, fashionable, multi-coloured and stunning with the touch of the Mediterranean craftsmanship.

In Pangoi store at Subang Parade, you can find a vast array of the latest fashion, ranged from turkish bags, traditional Malay dress Kebaya to batik collections, Cheongsam, Jubah, and Long Lace Cover Up.

The Turkish bags and Jubah attires and accessories come with very affordable, reasonable prices.

According to Patrick, prices of the bags are under RM 350 while the dresses are under RM250. These are fast selling products.

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Patrick Goi with DJ LengYein and Syafnida Shuhaimi.

Pangoi brand is fast becoming a leading name in the  Malaysian fashion industry. It adopts the concept of style and design that most ladies in the world would choose if they want to look great and be in a special class of its own.

This popular Pangoi brand is owned by the Penang born Patrick Goi, son of a former contractor who was said to have lost his business due to gambling.

Patrick, a graduate in Economics, was very much drawn to ladies’ bags and shoes since he was young.

“Something stirred and aspired me to come out with my own product and brand.

“When I was at AlfioRado, I was sent to Dubai and then to Turkey where I had the opportunity to meet with the manufacturers of leather bags. Later, that contact person became very useful as I imported leather bags from them and started selling in small quantities as I did not have any funder or investor.” he told MWN.

In 2004, this young businessman coined his name Patrick Goi to create ‘PANGOI’ and that was how the brand started.

His first kiosk was at The Mines and now has been extended to seven outlets.

To experience the shopping sensation of Pangoi , you can visit its new outlet in Subang Parade or get more information at:http://www.pangoi.com/

-Malaysia World News

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