Leaders without integrity and intelligence should be rejected by their people – Dr M

dr M

KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysia leaders must have integrity and intelligence for the country and its people to advance, said Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

 “If a leader is able to show the proper way to do things, then their followers will be successful.

“For example, the military will not succeed without leaders with a level of integrity, efficiency, and intelligence,” Dr Mahathir said when giving a speech at the Malaysia Future Leaders School (MFLS) TIER 3 programme last night.

He was also quoted by the media saying that leaders should not put their interests over those of their followers.

Dr. Mahathir also warned that dishonest leaders would not be respected by their supporters, nor would they remain as leaders in a democratic country where the people have the power to keep or oust their leaders.

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