Ladies underwear is the top purchased product online in Malaysia during the MCO, a study shows

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Ganesh Kumar Bangah

KUALA LUMPUR: Online shopping is now the “new norm” as the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in eCommerce businesses booming globally as people shift their spending habits towards online platforms. 

But what have Malaysians been buying online during MCO?

Commerce.Asia Founder and Executive Chairman Ganesh Kumar Bangah said while essential items such as food, toiletries and baby products surged in sales as expected, surprisingly, the fastest growing product transacted during the MCO was ladies underwear.

We are seeing significant growth in our merchants’ sales across various product categories.

“While some were practical purchases of essential items, other purchases were complete surprises to us given that the country is undergoing MCO.

“This change in buying behaviour shows that Malaysians are adapting to the new living situations”, Ganesh said in a press release sent to Malaysia World News on Monday.

The Commerce.Asia Group of Companies, an eCommerce ecosystem of technology and big data solutions, saw a surge of 149% year-on-year Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) growth in the first quarter since the Movement Control Order (MCO) was introduced.

“We foresee a permanent change in consumer behaviour with many opting to make their purchases via digital marketplaces even after the MCO is lifted,” he further said.

From the list below, consumers’ purchasing behaviour appears to have embarked on a different curve since the MCO.

With health being a major concern, it was no surprise that latex gloves saw staggering increased sales as people try to protect themselves from the coronavirus. 

A summary of the study, “What Malaysians are shopping online 30 days on MCO vs 30 days before MCO?” is listed below: 


 30 days of MCO vs 30 days before MCO

1 Ladies Underwear 909%
2 Latex Gloves 888%
3 Frying Pan & Woks 880%
4 Gelatine Powder 347%
5 Hair Shampoo 325%
6 Babies Blankets 266%
7 Salt 250%
8 Black Seed Oil 243%
9 Home Fitness Equipment 200%
10 Apple Cider Vinegar 200%
11 House Carpets 156%
12 Toothpaste 134%
13 Libido Enhancers 104%
14 Babies Clothing 83%



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