KKD instructed ‘Festival Good Vibes 2023’ to be cancelled

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KUALA LUMPUR: The Ministry of Communications and Digital (KKD) has instructed the ‘Festival Good Vibes 2023’ to be cancelled immediately following the rude behaviour and statements released by an artiste of ‘The 1975’ from United Kingdom in Sepang, Selangor on Friday evening.

The Minister, Fahmi Fadzil said, the Unity Government takes this matter seriously and the organizer of the event ‘Future Sound Asia’ has been called following the artiste’s action and statement.

Also present in the meeting was Datuk Fauzi Md. Isa, Chief Secretary of KKD and also Chairman JK-PUSPAL and committee members of JK-PUSPAL.

“There will be no compromise on any party that challenged, humiliated and had violated the law of Malaysia. Hence, I have instructed the remaining days of the festival that should commence today and tomorrow 23th July 2023 to be cancelled immediately,” he said in his Facebook post today.

He added, knowing that the decision has implication on the spectators who have bought tickets he urged the organizer to find a mechanism to compensate the ticket buyers.

“The government is always committed in supporting the development of the creative industry and freedom of speech. However, do not touch on the sensitivity of the society especially that is against the decorum and the local cultural values,” Fahmi said.

On another development, the Ministry via the Foreign Films Shooting Application and Foreign Artistes Performance Committee (JK-PUSPAL) had lodged a police report on the artiste concerned and the organizer of the event for negligence and failure to abide to the procedures that have been fixed by PUSPAL.

“When the application was made, the organizer had given the assurance to be fully responsible on the performance of the artistes.

“JK-PUSPAL had made a decision to blacklist ‘The 1975’ from performing in Malaysia,” JK-PUSPAL said in a statement today.

The statement added, the Ministry will not compromise with any party that provoked and demonstrated rude behaviour during their performances held in Malaysia. –Malaysia World News

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