Kedah police deny ‘ghost` voters allegations, say an investigation will be conducted


kedah ghosts

ALOR SETAR: The Kedah police have denied the allegation that there are ‘ghost’ voters who were brought to the state by bus.

In replying to allegations spread through a video clip on social media including TikTok and Facebook, since this morning, Kedah Police Chief, Datuk Fisol Salleh said that the buses displayed in the video clip were vehicles carrying some of the 7,160 officers and policemen on duty in Kedah in conjunction with the state election (PRN) in the state.

“This morning I issued a press release which clearly stated that there are 7,160 officers and policemen on duty in the state in conjunction with the PRN, with almost 2,000 of them coming from outside Kedah including Bukit Aman and Perlis.

“So we have rented a total of 34 buses of which 24 are from outside Kedah and 10 from within the state to coordinate the movement of all the policemen involved. After we checked the registration number, it was found that the bus displayed in the video clip was part of the buses we rented.

“When the recording was made, all the members who boarded the bus got off and performed their respective duties. Here I assure you that what was raised is not true,” he said, as quoted by Utusan Malaysia, in a press conference at the Kedah Contingent Police Headquarters (IPK) here today.

According to the national media, since this morning, a video clip has been circulating on social media showing the actions of a few individuals holding up three buses allegedly carrying ‘ghost’ voters. The video recorder also uttered profanities while claiming that it was a matter of history as no bus had ever appeared in his constituency on polling day.

Commenting further, Fisol said that the incident is believed to have happened in Sungai Petani with all the bus drivers being civilians and he also read out part of the registration number of the bus rented from the state.

“We welcome the party who recorded and transmitted the video clip to file a police report to prove the alleged existence of ghost voters carried by the bus. This is to give justice to the individuals involved regarding the allegations made.

“The Kedah Police will not compromise with any party that says the issue will be closed because an investigation will be conducted if there are reports of ghost voters. I have already told the bus number and I want to remind the individual involved to be responsible for raising the issue that has become a nuisance to the public,” he said.


Source: Utusan Malaysia

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