KD Mahawangsa chased away 25 Indonesian fishing boats from Malaysian waters

IMG 20201124 WA0069
One of the 25 unregistered fishing boats belonging to the Indonesians chased away by KD Mahawangsa from RMN.

KUALA LUMPUR NOV. 24: The KD Mahawangsa ship from the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) had dispelled 25 Indonesian fishing boats that had intruded into the Malaysian waters in the south west 25 nautical miles until 52 nautical miles south of Perak Island within 48 hours.

KD Mahawangsa that was on its Op Benteng Laut, Op Pejarak mission and monitoring patrol in the Straits of Melaka had identified and drove off five unregistered foreign fishing boats in the north of Straits of Melaka at 7.45pm on 22nd Nov. 2020 at 43 nautical miles south west of Perak Island.

The Royal Malaysian Navy in its statement said, on 23rd Nov. KD Mahawangsa had also identified and chased away 13 unregistered foreign fishing boats at 25 nautical miles south west of Perak Island.

The statement added, KD Mahawangsa had again received information from the Air Component Commander (ACC) of the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency Aircraft at 4pm on 23rd Nov. that had identified seven foreign fishing boats at 52 nautical miles south of Perak Island.

“KD Mahawangsa had taken the action to get rid of all the boats by following them until they were out from the Malaysian waters.

“RMN is consistently empowering OP Benteng along with various maritime agencies under the National Task Force (NTF) to strengthen the national water borders from any form of intrusions,” said the statement.

The empowerment of RMN via Maritime Component Commander (MCC) said the statement, is with the presence of RMN ship that operates 24/7 to support the national objective and aspiration to curb the intrusion of illegal immigrants besides avoiding the transmission of COVID-19. –Malaysia World News

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